MyGenes (SM) provides genetic and related medical information for techno-immortality via the BioFile project. The vision can be summarized as Steps 1, 2 and 3.

Step 1: At, you are instructed how to get your genes cryonicized in liquid nitrogen while they are safely ensconced inside hundreds of your cells. You are free to make arrangements (such as via a legal trust) for a replica of your body to be grown from your genes, once regenerative medicine technology advances to the point that this is possible.

Step 2: At you are provided with free tools to upload a robust digital description of your personality and memories. You are also free to make arrangements (such as via a legal trust) for an operational replica of your mind to be generated from your digital descriptions, once software technology advances to the point that this is possible.

Step 3: Finally, you are free to make arrangements (such as via a legal trust) for the operational replica of your mind (your consciousness)
to be downloaded into the brain of your regenerated body, once either neuro-radiology imprinting or neuro-device interface technology advances to the point that this is possible.

Leading scientists believe Steps 1, 2 and 3 will be possible within this century, and at an affordable price, due to exponential growth in the capabilities of information and biological technology at ever decreasing prices.

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